Buffet Services Planning a buffet can be stressful, remembering everything you need, deciding on a menu and then having to cook it! What could be better than having someone do it all for you, and serve great food to your door. It doesn’t matter how big or small your order is, or whether you even know what you want. Just contact us and we will create a stunning menu of hot and cold buffet that will impress everyone.


Kloud Kitchen are familiar with providing both private and corporate buffets with flavour combinations that will titillate anyone’s tastebuds.


We take careful consideration to choose different flavours and textures to provide you with an impressive spread of food. It doesn’t need to be expensive for large numbers, we will ensure that we can match your budget. We can provide a wonderful mixture of food from around the world, as well as sumptuous Indian dishes, so that everyone can have a taste of what they want. If you have a large group and not enough space for everyone to sit down, a fork buffet that you only need one hand for is the best option to go for. Guests can stand around and chat, whether it’s business or pleasure


Everything will be beautifully presented and laid out to make a feast for your eyes and leave your guests feeling happy and savouring the flavours.


Contact Kloud Kitchen to explore just how we can make your buffet so memorable.



Please call 0118 466 6299 to discuss the many and varied buffet options available to you.

Or email at: Order@kloudkitchen.co.uk